Frequently asked questions

What is an El Salvador Encounter?

The El Salvador Encounter (ESE) is an in-depth learning experience for English speakers visiting El Salvador. It is a faith-based experience that offers participants from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to explore a different reality and to build relations with the people of El Salvador.

What does a faith-based experience mean?

CRISPAZ is an ecumenical organization that works with groups from all different faith backgrounds. While your Encounter may not be religiously focused, you will be meeting with Salvadorans who draw from their spirituality or faith in their work and everyday life. Your group will be asked to participate in reflections on how the Encounter affects all aspects of their lives including faith and spirituality.

Can we lead our own reflections or conduct religious services?

Certainly, our staff are happy to work with you in scheduling and planning for reflections and religious services.

How long is an El Salvador Encounter?

Usually between 7 to 10 days.

Are there discounts?

Yes! With 12 or more participants in your group and if you stay more than eight nights.

How much does it cost?

Program fees vary depending on the size of the group. The following prices are for a  seven to a ten-day delegation.

  4 to 8 participants  = $175 per person per night 
  9 to 12 participants = $135 per person per night
13 to 20 participants = $125 per person per night 
21 to 40 participants = $115 per person per night


What expenses do the program fees cover?

 Program fees include pre-Encounter planning materials including a participant’s manual for each participant; itinerary and logistics set up; interpretation/translation, ground transportation, food, and housing in El Salvador. Each group is responsible for finding and purchasing their plane tickets.

How many people can participate in an El Salvador Encounter?

CRISPAZ has a minimum requirement of 7 participants and larger than 20 will work with extra planning.

How do I schedule an El Salvador Encounter?

Contact CRISPAZ at or call our Louisville office at: 502-592-5295.

Does CRISPAZ require a deposit to schedule an El Salvador Encounter?

Yes, a deposit of $1000 per group is due no later than 6 months before the Encounter begins. Your deposit will confirm the date you have worked out with CRISPAZ.

Our group is interested in focusing on a different theme than is listed in the literature, can we still participate in El Salvador Encounter?

Yes, our Encounter staff is willing to work with groups on developing their own themes.

Our university / community / church group already has a relationship with a Salvadoran community, can CRISPAZ set up our trip for us?

Our staff can usually work with your group to set up a visit to your community and plan at least 2 to 3 days of country orientation in addition to the community visit. However, we still ask groups to choose a theme to examine during the Encounter.

Our university / community / church group wants to form a relationship with a Salvadoran community, can CRISPAZ set that up?

As such, CRISPAZ does not have a fully developed sister community or twinning program, but we may be able to work with you to facilitate a relationship. Let us know if you are interested in such a relationship and we can help you discern the possibilities.

Our group really wants to contribute something, what kind of work projects can we do?

An El Salvador Encounter does not usually involve a work project, rather it focuses on learning and exploring ways in which North Americans can be in solidarity with Salvadorans from their home countries. Sometimes the best thing your group can do to contribute is to listen and then share what you have learned!

There are members of our group that have been to El Salvador, can we set up our own itinerary?

 El Salvador Encounter staff encourages participant input in the itinerary planning process and can work with groups to choose the speakers and activities that best suit the interests of the group.

What is a typical "El Salvador Encounter" like?

 Please look at the sample itinerary found on our webpage.




USA Office:
808 Brookhill Road
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(502) 592-5295

El Salvador Office:
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Centro de Gobierno
San Salvador
(503) 2225 9031

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