CRISPAZ El Salvador e-Encounter


El Salvador e-Encounter is a faith-based delegation experience where participants learn from the Salvadoran people about their lives, histories, and hopes for the future.

El Salvador e-Encounter is an in-depth e-learning experience for anyone wanting to learn about El Salvador. e-Encounters are 5 days long and offer the opportunity to have live conversations with grassroots organization leaders, members from rural communities as well as speakers on history, politics, economics, and more importantly current issues affecting El Salvador, The e-Encounter will allow participants to learn about the martyr sites of the Hospitalito, the place where Mons. Romero was shot and the Central American University (UCA). through exclusive videos created by the CRISPAZ staff and daily reflections at the end of each day.

We give special emphasis in all of our e-Encounters to the voice and experience of the poor and marginalized of El Salvador. Taking our inspiration from St. Oscar Romero, we want to give voice to the voiceless. This will form the core of the experience. If your group has requests for speakers or has a particular interest, please let us know and we will happily do what we can to schedule with those interests in mind.


In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, CRISPAZ’s Encounter Program has had to shift from our traditional in-person delegation program and move to a new e-Learning modality with our Virtual Delegation Experience or CRISPAZ El Salvador e-Encounter.

CRISPAZ continues its commitment to facilitating global relationships and South-North learning opportunities that promote personal, spiritual, and social transformation through solidarity and mutual accompaniment with the people of El Salvador (under social distancing guidelines).

We invite you to take part in our new e-Learning virtual modality.




🇺🇸USA Office:
808 Brookhill Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40223
(502) 592-5295

🇸🇻 El Salvador Office:
Apdo. Postal 2944
Centro de Gobierno
San Salvador
(503) 2225 9031

CRISPAZ is a faith-based organization dedicated to building bridges of solidarity between the Church of the Poor and marginalized communities in El Salvador and communities in the US, Canada, Australia, and other countries through mutual accompaniment.

CRISPAZ was founded in 1984 and is a lay-led 501(c)(3) organization.